How to Assist?

Participation In The Orphans Endowment Fund

Why You Should Participate In The OEWF?

The OEWF offers the opportunity for every caring person to participate in the caring of Orphans and Vulnerable Children. You will become a participant in a countrywide community driven  project that has the potential to grow into a substantial Fund that will make a meaningful difference to the lives of so many in our community.

How you can become a Participant?

It is so easy to become a participant. The OEWF is structured so that for as little as R500, which you can contribute as a lump sum or as in instalments, you can acquire an Orphans Endowment Fund Participation Share for which you will receive a Certificate by participating you will be providing an ongoing source of funds for the care of Orphans whilst at the same time you will establish a continuing and never ending source of reward for yourself.