What Is The Orphans Endowment Fund?

The OEWF is unique program that brings sunshine and hope into the lives of the many orphans and vulnerable children in our community. There are more than two million orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa.

The Orphans Endowment Fund (OEWF) is unique in that it provides for the needs of the most vulnerable in our community in a sustainable way and one which is eternally rewarding for the participants in the Fund.

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Partners to this Initiative

  • Success Story 1

    Nine year old Ayanda* lives with her grandmother, her 13 year old sister and two cousins, in a two bedroom RDP house in an informal settlement, on the outskirts of Durban, KwaZulu Natal.

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  • Success Story 2

    For grade 3 learner, Nokwanda*, the support from Islamic Relief South Africa has made it possible for her to stay in school. She is a beneficiary of the Orphan and Child welfare programme. We have provided her with basic school necessities i.e. school uniforms, stationery and a monthly food hamper.


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  • Success Story 3

    Prudence* is a 2 year old baby girl living in a rural area south of Durban. She is loved and cared for by her aunt and two older sisters who attend school. Her mother passed away in 2008. Her father abandoned the family after her mother’s death.

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  • Success Story 4

    There are more than two million orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa, who are in desperate need of love, care and support. One such child is six year old Thandeka* who lives in a village in the south of Durban.


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  • Success Story 5

    Four years old Ntomifuthi* lives with her grandmother and four siblings in an informal settlement in the south of Johannesburg. They live in an informal dwelling with access to electricity and clean, running water.


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  • Success Story 6

    Imaging running away from your place of birth, to a strange country thousands of kilometres away with little knowledge of when you will ever see your family again. This is what happened to Mary* and her family, when they fled to South Africa from the Democratic Republic of Congo as a result of the ongoing political conflict.


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  • Success Story 7

    Nine year old Amina* is an orphan-refugee from Rwanda who lives with her mother and four siblings in Johannesburg. They share a single room in a run-down house, which also houses other refugees, mostly single unemployed young males.


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  • Success Story 8

    Nomzamo* is a nine year old girl who stays with her mother and 17 year old sister. They live in a shack in an informal settlement, south of Johannesburg. Her father died leaving mom and daughters to fend for themselves.


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